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Stryde is composed of motivated professionals that take the necessary steps forward to provide companies systematic marketing systems and provide customers with a best-in-class experience. By combining integrity and the enthusiasm to exceed expectations, Stryde finds the solutions for consistent progress for clients and its employees. Instilling a supportive culture through catered training and mentorship, employees are given the tools to not only succeed but excel in the career opportunities available.

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We are passionate about what we do and we’re grateful for the opportunities our clients give us, which is why we consistently strive to exceed expectations.

Brand Management

The analysis and planning on how a brand is positioned in the market. Developing a good relationship with target public is essential for brand management.

Customer Acquisitions

Considered the connection between advertising and customer relationships. This critical connectivity facilitates the acquisition of targeted customers.

Customer Retention

The frequency at which a customer chooses a particular brand over others, also known as a repeat customer. Customer Retention is determined primarily by the Marketing and Customer Service received by the individual.


Work ethic

Those with a strong work ethic have an internal motivation to succeed. Part of having a strong work ethic is understanding that you are part of a bigger team and that everyone has a role. This understanding fosters teamwork and cooperation to ensure that everyone is getting the right information to properly do their jobs. And since those with strong work ethics tend to be more productive and efficient with their time, it frees up time to help others to get more done.


A mentor can help you advance within your field and connect you with opportunities that you might not have otherwise had access to. They do this by sharing their knowledge, helping you identify opportunities in your path, and potentially opening doors for you when the time comes.

Community Involvement

Businesses big and small can do something to contribute to the community. Giving back to the community through active involvement comes with many benefits, not just for the community but for your business and employees as well. Being involved with the community allows a business to demonstrate its company values and reflect an attitude of reciprocity to a community

Meet the Team


Andrew Kline

Andrew Kline, an Iowa native, began in the industry in June 2018. His hard work and passion for the business were apparent during his studies in Custom Interdepartmental Health Sciences with an entrepreneurial emphasis and entrepreneurial management at the University of Iowa. Andrew enjoys spending his time off with his dog, Calvin, cooking, and playing video games. He has goals to buy a Tesla Truck and own a home in the near future.


Dartanion Jones

Dartanion Jones, a Video Audio Communications graduate of Savannah State University and a Georgia native has been working in the industry since May 2018. His activities include: boxing, watching anime films, acting, attending and participating in stand-up comedy & karaoke, and hanging out with his family and animals. Dartanion’s goals for the future are to continue his business footprint by acquiring marketing firms, growing his photography business, and helping his daughter own a coffee shop.


Hunter Davis

Hunter Davis, originally from Blue Ridge, GA, was a collegiate football player at Indiana University. Before starting his marketing career, Hunter was a District Manager at Dominos where he managed over 20 locations. He enjoys spending his spare time hunting, fishing and woodworking. One of Hunter’s goals is to be able to retire his mother.


Katherine Sablon

Katherine (Kat) Sablon is originally from Davie, FL. She started working at Stryde in April 2022, shortly after moving from FL to NJ. Growing up, Kat was a competitive gymnast and cheerleader. Outside of work, Kat enjoys being outdoors and trying new food. Her goals include continuing to grow with Stryde and having a big family of her own.


Simran Sidhu

Simran Sidhu is from Carteret, NJ, and recently joined our careers and administrative team. She is a Legal Studies Graduate from Drexel University and plans to start a non-profit organization in the future. Her hobbies include dancing, reading, and continuing her journey as a wine and chai connoisseur.


Thomas Noyola

Thomas Noyola-Melgar, a New Brunswick native, grew up acting in theater, and playing sports and video games. He lives by Mike Tyson’s words “Discipline is doing what you hate but doing It as you love it.” His goals include contributing to Stryde’s success in being the best marketing firm in the country, traveling the world, and opening an MMA gym.


Arlin FeJzulla

Arlin Fejzulla, although born in Bosnia, grew up in Brooklyn, NY. He started working at Stryde in February 2022, while being enlisted in the Marine Corps since 2018. Outside of the office, you can find Arlin playing chess or woodworking. Arlin's long term is to be able to retire and financially take care of his mom.


Our Positions

Promotional Retail Representative
In this entry-level role, the representative will be responsible for engaging with customers inside the retail space to inform customers about client products and services to best meet their needs. The promotional retail representative will be trained on the best practices to professionally market and promote services to increase brand awareness. The ideal individual will be outgoing, and eager to learn and grow in their career.
Client Account Manager
In this role, the team member is expected to provide outstanding customer service within local retailers to their customers with a positive persona and strong interpersonal skills. Client Account Managers are expected to be knowledgeable of product information and keep current with changes in the industry. With the opportunity to grow in the company, this individual is expected to have strong communication skills and be self-motivated.
Customer Relations Representative
In this position, individuals will be representing clients' brands inside local retail locations in East Brunswick and surrounding areas through customer acquisition and customer support. They will also be working closely with personnel inside the retail space, therefore they will be working to maintain relationships including management, retail employees, and coworkers. The Customer Relations Representative will also attend daily meetings to further product knowledge and to strengthen personal development in order to improve clientele knowledge and understanding.
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